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Colonial Test Tube Tea

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Tea, a taste of history. Mixologists are finding inspiration from the colonial era, experimenting with legacy teas and hard spirits. Foodies explore tea ingredients for marinades. The rest of us enjoy the drink hot or ice cold. This test tube loose tea collection has something for every tea-lover. Oliver Pluff & Company seeks out the same tea gardens that supplied the British East India Company in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Explore the fine tastes of:

  • Colonial Bohea tea, the largest tea import during colonial times. Sometimes called Bohea Souchong or Lapsang Bohea, the blend originated in China with trade to the British and Dutch East India Companies. Cacao Shell Tea Martha Washington enjoyed drinking cacao shell tea, which she made from roasted shells and sipped at breakfast.
  • Young Hyson Green tea, made from young leaves that are thinly rolled to have a long, twisted appearance that unfurls when brewed. During the Boston Tea Party there were 70 chests of Hyson destroyed.
  • Peppermint Peppermint was first classified in 1753 and was grown in colonial American gardens.
  • Gunpowder Lightly roasted and tightly rolled green tea- Temple of Heaven grade pinhead gunpowder tea.
  • Hand-packaged
  • American-Made.
  • 7.25"w x 7.5"h x 1.5"d.