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Cocktails Across America: A Postcard View of Cocktail Culture in the 1930s, '40s, and '50s

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After Prohibition the cocktail culture boomed in the United States leaving the underground with cocktail lounges and elegant supper clubs. As rail and automotive travel advanced, postwar-era resorts and cabaret night spots continued the bloom. Barkeepers and mixologists across the country were developing new-fangled concoctions and liberated America couldn’t get enough.
Unique cocktail lounges, hotel bars, and other exotic drinking venues (from carousels to tropical gardens) defined this era of drinking culture and were immortalized in the linen postcards used to advertise them (some of which you will see). With over 50 vintage cocktail recipes, fascinating historical vignettes, and more than 150 pieces of vintage ephemera, you will be transported to an era of unbridled indulgence and distinct glamour.

  • Hardcover. 
  • 224 pages. 
  • 7.3” w x 9.3”h x 1” d.