Circuit Scribe Basic Kit

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This kit deserves WOW! You will be surprised how artistic children can be drawn into technology with this basic circuit scribe set. Teaching concepts of electronics through drawing, kids can explore basic circuit concepts simply by designing conductive doodles & creating paper-based switches with the conductive silver ink pen. It is the elemental beauty of their drawing that can light a LED. This is a great starting point to understand electronics. Included is a workbook with 25 pages of lessons. The Basic Kit contains a Circuit Scribe pen, six modules, a 9V Battery and other accessories to improve the circuit drawing experiences.

  • For ages 8 years and up.
  • 6.5”w X 9.5”h x 1.25”d.

How did this clever kit come about?

The idea for Circuit Scribe was born out of conductive ink research in a PhD lab at the University of Illinois. The inspiration behind putting the ink into a rollerball pen was the founder’s passion for integrating electronics with everyday materials. By allowing users to create circuits the same way they write their name or draw a picture, the barrier of entry into the electronics world is lowered dramatically. Since the goal of Circuit Scribe is to make circuitry accessible to all, they make sure to provide free educational content for use with the products. At Circuit Scribe, the team believes science and art go together like peanut butter and jelly, circuits don’t have to be hard lines; they encourage users to take the laws of electricity they learn and turn them into something functional and beautiful.

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