Circle Of Comfort Earring

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The makers begin each day, hand in hand, heart to heart, in their sacred circle. Their unity is represented in this ring made of copper universal joint clips and black windshield wiper tubing. Together the makers encourage each other and celebrate. This is jewelry has message and a purpose. When you come to Detroit you expect to find a memento to commemorate your visit. Known for being the automobile capital of the world, what better choice than an automotive component as the spotlight based in a jewelry form?
This jewelry line is the cause of one outstanding entrepreneur that creatively made a maker apprenticeship for abused women survivors. She has rallied local resources to donate automotive elements that are used in each piece. Her business model is so successful that she is looking to expand her reach for the women survivors which gives reason that she is a dedicated entrepreneur in the true sense of the word.

  • Hook earring. 
  • 1.25” rd. 
  • Made in Detroit, USA.

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