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Build-Your-Own Virtual Reality Headset

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Open the box and let the building begin. The VR Builder Kit is the first of its kind allowing you to build your own VR headset. The kit includes all the parts, a magnetic screwdriver, lens cleaning cloth, educational materials, and a storage bag.  Use the unassembled pieces to customize your VR KiX body before you make it. You can use water dipping techniques, paint it, duct tape and more (that you cannot do to the fully assembled headset). Once assembled, (whether you customize it or not) you have a fully functional Virtual Reality Headset. Immerse yourself in a virtual world using your own smartphone. By utilizing the integrated technology, you can download content that can transform you into another world, watch movies, play games, fly over New York in a helicopter, swim with the sharks and so much more. With full 360-degree head movements and 3D split-screen it takes you into another dimension.

  • Designed to work with smartphones with screen sizes from 3 inches to 6 inches.
  • 8” w x 4”h x 5.5” d.
  • Ages 14+.