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Levitating Lamp

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Is it possible to be inspired after reading a storybook about a magic carpet ride? You better believe it! Since he was a child, Simon Morris has been obsessed with making objects float in midair. When along came Back to the Future II (where Marty McFly flew on a hoverboard) that solidified his focus. Thereafter he could turn a skate board into a hoverboard (though not able to ride it) but others brought that device to the market. That didn’t slow his focus. He is now applying his passion with this lighting device that relies on electromagnetism to levitate and spin, and it will light up all at the same time. Morris sees his design as a seamless blend of science and art honoring both pragmatists, like Thomas Edison, and dreamers, like Nikola Tesla.                                                                                                                          

 Featured on The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation revealing scientific secrets of this popular levitating light bulb.

  • 60 Lumens. 
  • Unbreakable Bulb. 
  • Oak base. 
  • Invisible “on- off” mechanism concealed in base. 
  • 5” w x 7.25”h x 5” d.