Build Your Own Computer! Kit

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Curious? Build your own computer! Yes, a working computer. Follow the instruction from the book and page-by-page you will do it yourself-- all the while you learn how everything works. Connect the pieces, case and cables, bring it to life.

Next, connect your newly built computer to a monitor or TV and get ready to start coding! With simple steps, learn logic, Python, JavaScript, and Terminal commands. Step up a level as you make art, games, and music. You’re on the way of first steps into making your own websites, games, and more. Simple colorful code blocks let you create without worry about spelling or syntax errors. Snap the blocks together, make repetitive loops, and play with logic. Write your first line of code in seconds. Step-by-step, make beautiful pictures and playful games. Learn to control the brain of your computer. Play with Terminal commands through an engaging story. Beyond that, learn skills you can use on any computer.

Are you intrigued yet? There is more. Explore your computer by opening Story Mode and go on an adventure in your computer. Learn about power, HDMI, sound waves, as you play. Code pictures, build animations, and make musical masterpieces. Take control of Minecraft, Pong and Snake. Play with Google's Song Maker. Create characters, landscapes and create your own art. Make your own games, build animations by making objects dance, race or shake. Play with data, make weather stations, sports tickers, and news display readers. Track the Space Station using real world data to make an ISS tracker. There is so much to do that you will never be bored. Simple for beginners, expansive for experts.

  • Ages 6 years (with supervision) and up.
  • 11.25”w x 7.75”h x 2”d.
  • Keyboard: 9.9"w x 3.5"h x .75"d.

Steve Wozniak, Apple cofounder, says it simply: "A way for anyone to stumble onto their affinity and passion for computer technology." And Steve is a customer of Kano.

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