Break the Silence Earrings

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You have discovered charming jewelry made in Detroit. Honest, essential, and compelling like the maker that made this handmade piece. These minimalistic earrings feature a single silver cylinder drop creatively made from lightweight automotive aluminum brake line tube.

What sparked this business? Entrepreneurs thrive on the process of achieving goals. Confident and persistent they pursue their objectives, accept things as they are, adjust their path as needed and maneuver through complex situations for success. Joanne Ewald has trained herself to be one such entrepreneur, dignifying women abuse survivors to discover renewed purpose for their lives (healing and independence). Her strength as a kindred survivor fires her passion. With automotive elements donated by local resources, her survivor-maker team is learning joy again. They create each piece that rebuilds their confidence. Mend on the Move is a voice for survivors until they find their own.

  • Hook earring. 
  • 1”h x .18” dia. 
  • Made in Detroit, USA.

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