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Blueberry Preserves with Pinot Noir and Lavender

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Combining the vast array of local fruits in the heart of Southwest Michigan's fruit belt and skills of Master Chef, Ryan Thornburg, makes these gourmet preserves a perfect addition to your table.

Blueberries are synonymous with Michigan, and this preserve highlights these sweet little gems perfectly.  This unique combination creates a rich and sophisticated flavor for you to enjoy.  The Pinot Noir heightens the flavor of the blueberries, while the lavender lingers in the background delivering a subtle aroma.  

This preserve is delicious when offered with sharp cheddar on a charcuterie board or use it as a glaze over chicken.  When using it as a glaze, you could stir some into your favorite barbeque sauce, adding a sweet twist to it.  It also is an excellent choice for a dessert topping or filler, you could even drizzle some over some fresh vanilla ice cream.  If you do choose to pair this with cream cheese, I recommend stirring them together for easier serving. But simply pouring it over the top of the cream cheese offers a very attractive presentation.

  • 10 oz