Blue Floral Basket

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Tucked away in rural Poughkeepsie region of New York you will find a potter and wife hand throwing and decorating pottery inspired by nature. Their surroundings inform the canvas of their wares. Dave is the maker. Susan is the artist/painter. Together they provide us with colorful organic beauty.

Besides making functional pottery, we took notice of their innovative methods used to achieve beautiful wares. Being innovators, they built a wood kiln designed to fire each type of work in a single firing! Four layers are fired aided with the addition of salt. As the salt vaporizes, a difference in response is experienced at each layer. How clever and efficient! This porcelain piece is made using a gas fire reduction kiln technique to achieve spectacular color-rich cobalt blue and earthy greens and browns. Reduction firings can bring out some wonderful color as many high-fire glazes are formulated for reduction where the effects are created when metallic oxides (in the glazes) change form.

  • Food, microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Made in USA. 

This pottery is made by hand. Note that sizes will vary. Much of the variation in pottery size can be due to the potter forming that day and the shrinkage in the kiln during a firing process. We are confident that once you see this gorgeous piece in your home, exact sizing concerns will be negligible.

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