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The maker, Aaron Dykstra, invites you to a close look making bicycles by hand. He shares a brief history of how he sequenced his life to enjoy his enterprise. He got his first job at a small local bike shop when he was fifteen and he spent most of his teen years riding and racing bikes. After a stint in the air force, Aaron realized his true passion was on land, making these beautiful one-of-a-kind machines. Kids of all ages will have a detailed look at Aaron’s process making steel bike frames by hand. Charts, infographics, and bold photographs make this a perfect book for anyone who’s curious about how a bicycle is made. This book also features a brief history of cycling, a timeline, and resources to inspire kids to make their own objects by hand.

• Ages 8+
• Hardcover
• 32 pages
• 11.25w x 9.25h x .25d


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