Anything is Possible Postcard

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Introducing the Greenfield Village Printing Office collection of hand printed letterpress postcards. 

Each design celebrates our collection of 19th century antique wood and metal type along with 21st century artisan printing techniques, creating truly unique prints. These postcards were printed on our 1880’s treadle-driven platen press, one color at a time. The back is printed with a vintage electrotype postcard cut with space to write a message. The results are small, multi-layered works of art, perfect for sending a special note in the mail, or collecting each design to add to your home decor! 

The Anything is Possible Postcard showcases antique and vintage wood type printed in colorful layers. The background pattern features a hand-carved linocut printed in transparent ink, which changes in the light and amplifies the color of the paper. The message is overprinted in a two color gradient of purple and blue, featuring a mid-20th century Hamilton Gothic wood type and a Willaim Page & Co Tuscan Condensed Shaded from the 1800s on French’s Speckletone True White cardstock. 

Dims: 4 x 6".

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