A Picture Book of Thomas Alva Edison

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This biography uses pictures to help convey the story of Thomas Edison's life. Have you ever needed a short and sweet biography for younger students yet could only find books for independent readers? Adler has solved the problem. This book is a wonderful introduction for K-3 graders who might be overwhelmed by lengthy chapter books. Abundantly illustrated to keep little eyes busy while listening to the story. Loaded with biographical information it includes a timeline of important dates and fun illustrations of Edison sitting on goose eggs in his father's barn, causing a chemical fire in a baggage car, and courting teacherly reprisals for his apprarent boredom in a conventional classroom. These all-too-human mishaps from the great inventor's life mix well and bring interest to the charmingly illustrated discussion of his accomplishments: lighting up New York City, inventing the phonograph, inventing the first movie camera and making the first movies with a story. This little book explains in simple terms how he worked his way up to owning his own laboratories in Menlo Park, first as a candy butcher turned telegrapher, and finally coming into some money with his invention of the stock ticker. Thomas Edison's accomplishments are something to admire. Author: David. A. Adler. Paperback, 32 pp. Ages: 4-8. 9 1/2" w x 8" h.

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