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60 Watt Large Light Bulb

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Bold statement lighting. Bring that past forward in your décor. You have the power of custom lighting thanks to the efforts of Thomas Edison and others who worked on filaments to create a proven bulb to illuminate your home. Countless hours were spent determining the right configuration and material to make the light bulb a success.                                                            
These bulbs are a designer’s dream allowing for distinct edginess to add in your home environment. You will become the designer!  Select a bulb or two, pair it with our fabric cord(s), coil it around a mounted dowel and you have created a point of interest. All the artistry is in the lighted bulb. When you combine several types, you can create statement lighting for more drama. Includes adapter to fit common screw base.

  • 6" x 13". 
  • 60 watt/120 V.