5000 Ways You Know You're From Detroit - Special Collector's Edition - 1400+ Photos About

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A book for those that lived the Detroit scene or those curious transplants that wonder what Detroiter’s are always reminiscing about, this is the must-have book.

With 480 pages and 1400 images both in color and B/W, the lost icon list is endless. Anyone who remembers a bit of history of Detroit from 1939 to 1980 will be surprised by what they forgot. This is a book that you just can’t put down! Begin when Detroit was the Arsenal of Democracy, then the vibrant economy, the new age of the automobile, a street car system, the downtown shopping experience (12th floor Christmas at J. L. Hudson’s, Crowley’s, Woolworth’s, Saunders) and the Thanksgiving parade. The clandestine activities of mobsters, the Purple Gang, prohibition, bootleggers, and gambling in the underground.

While Motown still is a popular memory for many, Detroit was an epicenter for music beginning with jazz in the 1930’s, Gospel, Soul, R&B, Funk and Rockers like MC5. Reexperience through snapshots of all the venues, ballrooms, theaters and movie houses that retired along the way.

Remember the amusements and parks that were there for enjoyment? Edgewater Park, Bob-Lo Island, Belle Isle and the Detroit Zoo, Drive-ins, Drag Racing, and Camp Dearborn? Remember the faces of Detroit: Soupy Sales, Milky the Clown, Bill Kennedy, George Pierrot, Bozo and the voices of J. P. McCarthy, Lou Gordon, Sonny Elliot, and gang from KNEER 13 (rivaling CKLW). Ice fishing, Faygo, Vernor’s, the Big Stove, the Big Tire, Kern’s clock, the Brown Bomber (Joe Louis), Gordy Howe, Kronk gym, Dick the Bruiser, the 68’ Tigers, Lindell AC, Eastern Market, Skid Row are all here in this well put together best seller. Be blown away by all this and what print space does not allow us to mention. You will not be disappointed and likely return for another copy of this cutting-edge book.

  • Hardcover.
  • 480 pages.
  • 12.4” w x 9.3”h x 1.4”d.
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