BACKORDERED: 2022 Candy Cane Bowl

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This year’s candy cane bowl dazzles in the sunlight or glows softly by a warm fireside. The 2022 design offers a transparent red core framed with white banding encased in clear glass creating the signature spiral of the Greenfield Village candy cane. Taken together, this pattern produces a striking design for any home. Our Greenfield Village glassblowers begin the multi-step process making each candy cane rod by pulling and twisting the glass. Once enough rods are complete the process continues as a clear gather is melted to the rod combination and the bowl is blown and formed. Color and Size will vary slightly.

  • 3.5”h x 6.5” dia.
  • Handcrafted in the U.S.A
Product Number E289-22
Color Moss

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