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2019 Filigrana Limited Edition Ornament

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There is no other medium that can capture the display of color and light more beautifully than glass. Keeping with tradition, the Greenfield Village glassblowers showcase creative skill with their newest ornament creation in Filigrana harmonized with Reticello (basket weave) elements for 2019. Unlike other sparkly ornaments made in molds and painted by hand, each of these require accomplished staff working in tandem to make special rods, configure the layout, blow out the ornament, control the shaping and give it the final hanging loop. This ornament reminds us of the soft snows that come in December with the promise of new energy in Spring. Sure to be a new favorite in handmade design and treasured as a family keepsake.

  • Enamel White and Emerald Green.
  • Handcrafted.
  • 4” round.
  • Made in USA.