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1932 Ford 3-Window Coupe, 1:18 scale

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Deuce coupe is the slang term used to refer to the 1932 Ford coupe. Whether a 3-window or 5-window, the coupe is still a 'deuce'. This iconic diecast is the essence of style. Notice the signature suicide doors. Classy yet vulnerable it was to the searching eyes of mechanics and hot-rodders. As the years have gone by, “stock” coupes fallen prey to the automotive thrill seekers. This coupe diecast is the pristine version. Equipped with rumble seat, spare tire, wide walls tires, running board and vinyl cut top.

  • Officially licensed by Ford Motor Company.
  • Ages 14 years+
  • 14.1"w x 5"h x 5.3"d