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100% Wool Red/Taupe Throw

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It is our savvy customer that chooses a natural fiber blanket over the synthetics flooding the market today. We recognize those needs and offer this option exclusively for you. While we had not enough wool in the 2018 shearing season to have it added to this throw, it is made by the same manufacturer that weaves throws for us in the same distinct fashion.

There are many blankets and throws available today, but none can beat all qualities found in wool. Wool is a natural renewable resource (shorn from sheep annually). It is kind to the environment (being biodegradable), is a perfect breathable fiber that can regulate heat and moisture, resists mold and mildew, wrinkle resistant, is durable and resists dust, static and dirt. It is even fire retardant naturally so expect no chemical vapors to overwhelm your house. You will enjoy top-quality craftsmanship.

  • 100% wool. 
  • 52" w x 76" l.
  • Made in Canada.