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Dearborn Michigan

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Located on the banks of the Rouge River just ten miles from Detroit, the city of Dearborn began as a humble pioneer settlement in the 1780s. Over the course of two centuries, it has developed into a close-knit community, a college town, a major tourism center, and a world-famous industrial city. Through an impressive collection of photographs drawn from the Dearborn Historical Museum, 'Images of America: Dearborn, Michigan' documents the influential people, places, and events that have shaped Dearborn's rich history. This book traces Dearborn's spirit of innovation through engaging glimpses of the 19th century U.S. Arsenal, the historic River Rouge Plant, Mayor Hubbard's lasting influence, and the legacy of Henry Ford. From the European settlers who first settled on the banks of the Rouge, to the streets, buildings, and schools that were named for them, Dearborn is revealed as a vibrant urban community with a strong sense of civic pride. This book chronicles the history of Dearborn from its earliest settlement to the present day. Each chapter begins with a brief essay followed by photographs that tell the story of this community. It is clear that the images were skillfully selected; for many of them, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. I think my personal favorite (though it is hard to choose) is a photograph of farmers washing their sheep in the river before shearing them, as opposed to washing the wool afterwards. That is just one of the many wonderful images presented in this book. Along with the photos, is a story that tells the history of each photograph. Even those who are not natives of Dearborn will find so much to be fascinated by in this book!