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Vernors - Aluminum Wrist Cuff

Product Number: 6775788

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Here we celebrate a partnership, innovation and nostalgia. Innovation results when the use of creativity can fulfill a need for a better outcome.  It took a grass-roots family to come up with the idea of creating this post-consumer aluminum beverage can jewelry. The Cangles Company was born from an answer of a problem.

They identified neglected soda cans as a concern in their neighborhood and decided to challenge themselves to put the cans to good use! From that, their business was born. What a great story and what a neat product. This Vernor’s bracelet is the perfect fit for industrial Motor City nostalgia. Vernor’s is the oldest surviving ginger ale in the United States with its roots, from the 1880’s, beginning on Woodward Ave in Detroit. Locals are still passionate about the intense aged barrel flavor.  

Aluminum trimmed.  Magnetic clasps  .5” x 7.5”dia

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